karla-moy-siteThis segment of the Colorful Canvas Files spotlights Toronto born graphic design prodigy Karla Moy. At the age of 21, her vibrant work has been featured in numerous magazines, websites, album covers and more. She was also the creative force behind Drake’s former official fan site, All Things Fresh.

Karla can be described as wunderkind, having mastered the Adobe Suite programs by the age of 10. Two years later, hustleGRL began to earn some dough from her self-taught skills. Inspired by her father (a computer technician) and mentors like the Toronto based youth program, “The Remix Project,” Moy’s career took off. The highly sought after teenager went from working with independent music acts to pop artists in a relatively short period of time. Her work with Universal Records officially ignited her rep as a rising star. Moy designed the cover of Lil Wayne’s mixtape, No Ceilings, Sorry 4 The Wait as well as his e-diary live & direct from the jailhouse, www.weezythanxyou.com.

karla-moy-no-ceilingsMany pop artists du jour have called upon the visual art phenom including Trey Songs, Big Sean and Drake. On her entrée into the big leagues, Moy told Black Voices, Well, for Lil’ Wayne I got hooked up with him through a blogger named Karen Civil and it was around the time he was getting ready to go to jail and he wanted to release one last project before he actually went in. And it was his “No Ceilings” mixtape. I designed the cover and he ended up liking it and using it and that’s just how our relationship started and I kept working with him and Karen Civil and Cortez [Bryant] and the whole Young Money crew.”

 “And with Drake, I was actually a fan before the whole Young Money thing. I started listening to Drake when he was still on Degrassi. I went on the Internet to find more information about his career and there was nothing, so I was like, “Okay let’s start a fan site.” Months went by and he somehow found out about it and he gave me a shout out on his MySpace and we ended up having mutual friends from networking in Toronto. We exchanged Blackberry Messenger contacts and we became friends and started hanging out.”

Spoken like a true hustla makin’ ish happen…

Moy’s aspirations are ever reaching as her creativity captures multiple facets of the arts and entertainment. In addition to being a coveted designer, hustleGRL is an avid photographer who frequently uses her vivid sensibility to convey the energy generated by recording artists on stage. All this, yet it’s only just begun for the artistic maven. hustleGRL recently joined up with MuchMusic as both an on air personality & blogger in addition to running her own hip, refreshing and informative site.


Motivated by her artistic passions, her bio aptly explains,

“It is nearly impossible to predict where Moy will eventually end up – and she prefers it that way. Understanding that nothing is guaranteed in the game of life, expecting Karla to sit back and enjoy the fruits of her success thus far would be the exact opposite of what her loving parents and brothers instilled in her from an early age. That’s because a true hustle never stops. Not for a second.”


Well said. We look forward to witnessing the young, innovative entrepreneur’s endeavors unfold.

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