So there’s a company that makes a “Walk of Shame” kit for women to lessen the embarrassment of leaving someone’s house in the same clothing worn the night before.

For $34.99, you’ll get a one size fits most (OSFM) dress, backpack, pre-pasted toothbrush (what!), hypoallergenic wipes, call/don’t call leave behind card, a pair of OSFM flip flops, some shades, and a breast cancer awareness bracelet.

Somehow the bracelet just seems random, although a portion of the proceeds are donated to a breast cancer foundation on your behalf.

Oh! But the kit isn’t just marketed to us women. Nope. Men can purchase it, too, if they’re tired of lending their favorite shirt as a coverup only to never get it back. Instead, they can keep their own “Walk of Shame” kits stashed in their closets for the next overnight guest.

Um, yeah.

I don’t know about that dress and those flip flops, either. I think it would be best to pack our own bags. What do you think?

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  • G

    Sooo whomever developed the marketing strategy for this product thought women would be interested in buying this package for the express purpose of escaping embarrassment . . .

    “Clutch” my pearls, while I stagger back and faint! At the mere thought in the year of 2014, I should be embarrassed by the fact I spent the night with a man!

    Then have the stupidity to name the product “Walk of Shame” kit? Even if the marketing team thought this name would Be cute and witty, they are still stupid!

    I almost forgot, because I spent the night with a man I am be compared to a suspect doing the “perp walk of shame”?

    (O_o) God Help Us!

  • k

    im not knocking these entrepreneurs but people are really stupid and will buy anything. first, yesterday with the “condom holder” i mean honestly why can a coin purse or as i saw someone say put them in the makeup bag work as the same function.

    as for this, I already keep all of this in my car and you know why, b/c im a weirdo and always scared something is going to happen and spend and inordinate amount of time in my car. I have a small train case that has all this plus more, soap, wipes, towelettes, deorderant etc etc. a comfy outfit and tennis shoes. point is. there is no reason a woman should spend 34.99 on all of these when a quick trip to target $1 travel items and old dress why a woman can put this together herself.

    im not one of these pro agenda people lol (meaning im always advocating for something) but i went to school with a few and just this week one of them posted that our society is “I Consume Therefore I Am” … while i disagree this applies to most, again i must say anyone who buys this crap is of that ilk but kudos to the entrepreneurs, i knock no ones legal hustle

  • ALM

    All I want to know is, where is the kit for the men? If it’s shameful for women, it must be shameful for men too.

    • ClassyGlobal

      Their’s would be called “The Walk of Fame” ergo the prevailing double standard