So there’s a company that makes a “Walk of Shame” kit for women to lessen the embarrassment of leaving someone’s house in the same clothing worn the night before.

For $34.99, you’ll get a one size fits most (OSFM) dress, backpack, pre-pasted toothbrush (what!), hypoallergenic wipes, call/don’t call leave behind card, a pair of OSFM flip flops, some shades, and a breast cancer awareness bracelet.

Somehow the bracelet just seems random, although a portion of the proceeds are donated to a breast cancer foundation on your behalf.

Oh! But the kit isn’t just marketed to us women. Nope. Men can purchase it, too, if they’re tired of lending their favorite shirt as a coverup only to never get it back. Instead, they can keep their own “Walk of Shame” kits stashed in their closets for the next overnight guest.

Um, yeah.

I don’t know about that dress and those flip flops, either. I think it would be best to pack our own bags. What do you think?

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