Darren Sharper was indicted in Arizona on charges of sexual assault and administering dangerous drugs, authorities said Wednesday.  Currently, Sharper is under investigation in Louisiana, California, Florida and Arizona.

Sharper is still behind bars in California, and was freed on $1 million bail, until an arrest warrant was issued in a New Orleans case.

“I talked to Darren, and he vigorously denies the allegations,” Sharper’s Arizona attorney, Skip Donau, told USA TODAY Sports. “We’re going to contest them vigorously, and we expect at the end of the process he’ll be vindicated.”

He also noted that Sharper had a prior relationship with one of the alleged victims in Arizona.

From USA Today:

According to the police report from Tempe, Sharper went out to a nightclub with two women, returned with them to their apartment and insisted that they drink cocktails he made. One of the women passed out almost immediately after drinking it, and the other started feeling ill, the report said.

When the woman who felt sick went to the bathroom, she said she became alarmed when she observed Sharper naked, on top of the other woman on the couch, the records show.

The woman stated she was “taken aback by what she saw and stood there for a while wondering if she should intervene,” according to the police report.

“She reported being concerned that the sexual act was not consensual because she did not know if (the other woman) was awake,” the report said.

After being seen, Sharper then knocked on the woman’s door in an apparent attempt to explain, saying that he and girl on the couch “have something going on.” A third woman in the apartment woke up naked from the waist down and had no memory of how her clothing was removed.

When one of the women confronted Sharper about what had happened, Sharper allegedly replied, “I don’t really remember. I guess I could have done that. I’m really sorry.”

The report noted that this woman wasn’t sure if she wanted to aid the prosecution.

It was really sad to read the comments from several readers on last week’s post on Darren Sharper, especially since this is a women’s site.  For the record, it doesn’t matter how good looking your are, how much money you have in your bank account, or how many times you’ve had consensual sex with a person, you can still be a rapist.

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