Detroit Police Chief James Craig is telling homeowners to take the law in their own hands when it comes to thugs. Craig has given homeowners the green light to shoot up the thugs that are breaking into their homes.

“A lot of good Detroiters are fed up,” Craig said. “The message should be that, you know, people are going to protect themselves, reported the Blaze.


Craig advised, “criminals in Detroit should know they shouldn’t just be afraid of the police — they should also be afraid of responsible gun owners who are prepared to defend themselves and their homes.”

Last week, a female concealed carry permit holder shot and killed a would-be car jacker and another homeowner fatally shot a 17-year-old trying to break into his home.

“If you are confronted with an immediate threat to your safety, you’re not going to have time to dial 911,” Craig said. “It becomes an issue of, the threat is here, I have to respond to the threat.”

Craig also gave gun owners some advice, and that was to practice common sense.  He said they should never chase a suspect down and shoot them, or prematurely shoot every time someone knocks on the door.  Apparently  no one told Renisha McBride’s killer that.

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  • @ Anthony

    If this is the start who knows what is next, Lawmakers might be trying to push a law like SYG since the police is spread too thin. Also the appropriate use of force could be different to many people. Some people think the smallest infraction should be punishable by death.
    Second I don’t live in Detroit, now this and knowing from what I know from comments I would never want to live there. I do however live in the inner city so I know crime but that probably won’t be good enough for some. I am not trying to pacify any criminals like someone tried to say. I have had things taken for me and I am still not with giving people a license to shoot and kill. Maybe I thinking to deep or thinking what could happen but I just feel it in my soul that this is not right. No, thumbs down and no you don’t understand will change that.

    You can’t curb violence by putting more guns in the hands of more people.. The United States already have a horrible gun problem and giving people the license to shot anyone head off who they think may be stealing is not a smart idea. Not when we are dealing with scared and paranoid people. I think its crazy how people are talking like right-wing gun nuts in here. I hope the sentiment is the same when there a follow up story of someone’s family and friend being killed or someone younger than a 17 has died. I guess we will have to agree to disagree because I am not changing my mind.