For some people, Facebook can be the bane of their existence. But for Amira Ali, Facebook granted her another opportunity at motherhood.  Twenty-four years ago, Ali  fled her southern Sudanese village during a raid by local rebels.  It was during that time Ali lost track of her mother, sister, and 6-year-old daughter, Tina.

Ali thought her family died in the Sudan war, but much to her surprise, they were found because of Facebook.

“It’s miraculous. It truly is a miracle,” said George Brown, Ali’s English teacher and Executive Director of the Colorado African Organization. “She was discovered through the Facebook page by her sister in South Sudan, and her sister emailed and said, ‘You know your daughter is here with me. We are alive.’”

“America saved my life,” said Ali, who arrived in the U.S. decades ago after fleeing Sudan. “I’m very happy. It’s good day for me.”

The family was reunited in Colorado last week.

“I’m so very, very happy,” said Tina Deng as she hugged her mother. “It’s a long time, my mom is like a dream and now I see her, I can’t believe. But I’m happy.”

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