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With her long-awaited sophomore album, “4 Letter Word,” just about done, Elle Varner has been busy getting her new attitude (can you say “sass”?) and look (treadmill, anyone?) on for all the work that comes with releasing a new project. “The album is a beautifully gut wrenching body of songs that I went to a very vulnerable place to create,” Elle tells ThisIsRNB.com. “The title is open to interpretation, hence the symbols used in the campaign–‘>$a!’.”

While Varner has releases a couple of tracks–the seductive ballad “Rover” and her latest single “Cold War”–she plans to release the official first single in the spring with the album due in the summer. In the meantime, check out what the beautiful songstress has been sharing lately on her favorite social media platform, Instagram.

Images below all courtesy of Instagram: @ElleVarner

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  • SE

    I love Elle Varner. She’s a breath of fresh air in this music business. Looking forward to her new album.

  • RJ

    I am so tired of these black women thinking they have to be blond. It is sooo sad.

    • Nikkoli

      Or maybe, she likes a variety of hair colors? Elle has had every color under the sun. Why does a woman’s hair color matter so much? Do you also have an issue with naturally blonde black women?

    • RJ

      Nikkoli, you know as well as I do that “naturally blond black woman” usually have a white parent who has blond hair and rarely is their hair actually bright blonde.

      I can understand wanting a variety of hair colors, but black women coveting blond hair is plain and simply a desire for whiteness. There is no way around it.

      We have taken to delusion in so many ways and it is sad. That blonde hair took away from her natural beauty and it looks like she wisely went back to a color that is closer to her natural color.

      Why do you think so many black females in the music industry are dying their hair blonde?

    • Nikkoli

      As a natural blonde & black woman..you’d be happy to know both of my parents are black :)

      You’d also do yourself a favor by looking up info on the Solomon Islands.

      Not everyone who dyes their hair blonde is suffering from self-hate issues, or dying to be a white woman.

    • wow

      you do realize elle recently went blond? womp womp womp. on top of that, she’s mixed, not black according to her instagram.

      so i guess bw trying to look a little exotic and you claiming everyone to make your group seem a little exotic puts you in the same boat

      go protest, ochocinco, chris brown, wiz khalifa and other bm who wear blond hair. you don’t own blk girls’ bodies

  • Samantha

    My girl Megan Okuesa is pictured next to her in the final picture. She did her makeup! So cool when you see someone you know pop up somewhere unexpected and impressive. Loving it!

  • ALM

    I love Elle’s music. Her songs are fun, quirky, transparent, sexy, and cool all at the same time.

  • Rachelet

    Yes! I love her she’s so fresh, beautiful, and talented. Someone who deserves recognition. Her new single should be a hit.

    Btw: The song is called Cold Case not Cold War. Really Clutch?

    • Thanks – we will fix now :)