Naomi Campbell is about to embark on her second season of “The Face” and as the  first black model to grace the covers of Time Magazine and French Vogue, Campbell is not only a fashion icon, but is still paving the way for young models and designers today.

In an interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon, Campbell talked about season 2 of The Face, and also opened up about Oscar winner and rising fashion icon Lupita Nyong’o.

When she was asked about Lupita’s rise and issues with colorism, Campbell understood what she spoke about.

“I understand where she’s [Nyong’o] coming from, I’ve heard it many times,” Campbell said. “But I never felt that. I felt like ‘what if I was blonde and blue-eyed? Would I have better opportunity for getting this job?’ Those things went through my mind…absolutely.  But look, she’s done it now and she didn’t have to do any of that to get to where she wanted to get to. She is an inspiration to all young women, especially African women.”

“The hope that she gives… I don’t think she knows how significant she is, and for what she’s done for so many young women all over the world.”

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  • Southpaw

    Nyong’o wears her natural hair, when will Naomi.

    • Secret

      Black women have freedom to wer their hair what ever.
      Shaving your hair nearly bald is not a form of natural hair. Some women I have met shave it all off or down like her because they get tired of caring for their natural hair when it grows.

  • proudvagowner

    if nay was blonde and blue eyed we’d probably never hear of her. she’d blend into oblivion. all shades are beautiful, but I can’t imagine lupita with her face looking better in another shade.

    I’m happy she is inspiration to African women. I always feel uncomfy when I see Africans with AA obsessions. aa culture is not proud of its blackness and the last thing we need is to spread that culture to the source of blackness.

    • Secret

      Blackness as you call it is diverse. Black women around the world can look however they want to look. Black men pit black women against each other based on skin tone, don’t try to pit us with bull about who is acting more black (in your opinion)then the other. Shaving your hair is not a form of embracing its a style and sometimes a way not to worry about caring for your hair when it grows.

  • Secret

    If she was she would never stand out. Thats why its now trendy to have black hair with blue eyes because they want to stick out and be noticed.

  • Beauty_in_Grace

    @proudvagowner: You seem to say many stupid things. I’m SO over Africans stereotyping and judging (they have no place and no right) AAs. Let’s have a conversation on why Nigeria, Senegal, and another country (I can’t recall its name) is at the top of the list for skin bleaching consumers.

    We can also speak on the different genocides that happen in
    some of these countries by Africans and against other Africans.
    Or we can examine how Africans sold AAs into slavery.

    It seems self hate has been at “the source of blackness” for a long while.