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Over the past few years, several anti-abortion groups have been trying to sway the public by making the moral argument that abortion rates in the Black community are tantamount to genocide. Using imagery that proclaims they love Black children so much they want ALL of them to be born, these Conservative groups advocate for the closure of Planned Parenthood and other clinics that service low-income communities, while also arguing that services that benefit poor families like SNAP and access to healthcare be cut. Because…it only matters that a child is born, not the kind of life it has while here?

1978722_653480094718008_1883236864_nA new group of abortion “abolitionists” are hoping to capitalize on the work of past anti-choice activists, and the anti-slavery movement, to make a moral case against abortion. The group, Abolish Human Abortion, founded by Toby Harmon, a former drug dealer who found God while serving time, seeks to outlaw a woman’s right to choose under any circumstances, including instances of rape and incest.

Based in Oklahoma, Harmon’s group pickets churches, schools, and clinics with shirts demanding America “End Child Sacrifice,” and carrying signs that feature graphic images of bloodied, fully developed fetuses as well as images of enslaved African Americans.

Harmon’s methods harken back to old school anti-abortion groups, but he hopes his policies—banning all abortions, equating hormonal birth control with abortion, and trying women who terminate a pregnancy for murder—will catch on.

Recently, MSNBC followed Harmon for a short documentary about Abolish Human Abortion, and to see how he’s inspiring others, which includes his (Black) wife and two young children, to join his cause.

Take a look:

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