An Islamic court in northern Nigeria  ordered four men to be flogged with horsewhips after being found guilty of homosexuality. In addition to being flogged, the men, who are between the ages of 22 and 28, were fined 20,000 naira ($125)a after a secret trial at the Upper Sharia Court.

Each man received 15 lashes in front of everyone attending the court case.  According to reports, the  men were forced to lie on the floor of the court to be whipped on their backsides.

Court clerk Abdul Mohammed said the case was concluded behind closed doors for security reasons after an angry mob attacked the court when the men had first stood trial on January 23, demanding they be executed and forcing the hearing to be suspended.

“The four… on trial were sentenced to 15 strokes and fined 20,000 naira ($125) by the court and the sentence was immediately carried out,” Mohammed said.

“The court session was kept secret from the public and the judgment given and executed before the news filtered into the city,” he said.

There are currently three other pending cases and Mohammed said they would use a similar strategy.

Homosexuality is illegal in the West African country under both Islamic and secular law. Same-sex couples are forbidden to show any affection in the conservative country.

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  • Jello

    Countries like this focus in non issues because it makes them feel like they have power. They can’t fix the other half a billion problems but they can “fix” the gays.

    Not to mention how white supremacy has caused this to come aboutZ so many white American Mormons and priests couldn’t win here in American with heir anti gay agenda so they wen to after where people are easily swayed.

    Sad all around.

  • I have to agree with E. With all of the issues plaguing Nigeria – and Uganda, with it’s recently signed anti-homosexuality bill – this is a waste of time and energy. Between the raping of resources in the Niger Delta region (which has created nothing but poverty) and a female genital mutilation (a HUGE human rights issue) rate of 25%, according to the WHO, there are more pressing issues with more far reaching implications. Yet sadly, the focus is on men who are (or are merely deemed to be) homosexual? Really?!

    The bigger problem here is the need for a few men to control the lives and freedoms of the many. And while I do not wear the label of feminist, this would never happen under matriarchy. I long for the day that we all live by the creed: live and let live.