032114 Kuwale

And I bet y’all thought Breaking Bad was just a TV show.

A father of two and IT-teacher-coke-dealer-on-the-side, Macphallen Kuwale of Wales, was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison after authorities discovered a drug lab worth $1.5M in his home. At the time of his arrest, authorities caught him with $13,000 worth of cocaine.

Kuwale ran a rather sophisticated drug lab with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cutting agents and a pressing machine that made his product look high grade.

He told police he was extremely stressed, and he nearly lost his home to foreclosure two years earlier.

Walter White, I mean Kuwale, will need to think about a new career once he’s released. He received a lifetime ban from teaching.


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  • Me

    haven’t seen breaking bad but a foreclosure ain’t worth destroying other people’s lives over. living on blood money

  • Nirvana

    Are you kidding? Rethink his career? Why should he, when most teachers will never make $1.5 M in 20 years plus tax. 3.5 years is an amazing deal if you ask me. He may even get a show afterwards.

    Lol at Walter White. He looks so cheery. Like a Black Santa Claus. In that Coke commercial.

  • African Woman

    Seem lime a decent Man. Hey, he could always move to Colorado and open a shop when he get out of jail. He’ll be just fine I bet :-/

  • Jay

    This is a damn shame! The few people commenting on this site are acting like he’s doing nothing wrong. It’s a shame that he sank so low as to start selling and making drugs. I hope he gets it together. Walter White isn’t somebody you want to be. And I agree, he was very lucky to only get 3 years.

  • Wow, a lifetime ban. If he started this to stop his home for being foreclose on the why didn’t he get out after he got the money. Or did he start to get greedy?