If anyone thinks reality TV can’t survive without raunch and ratchetness, try again.

Zamuka, which means “rise up,” is Rwanda’s first reality show, and it’s heading into its second season without any brawls and interventions. Instead the show’s focus is on youth entrepreneurship, risk-taking, and life outside of farming.

During the season, castmembers are assigned mentors in their respective fields to help launch their projects and navigate any challenges they may face. First-season ventures included a security computer business, cyber cafe, and an animation business. An independent panel granted $1,500 to the animated movie project for best idea and most feasible business plan.

The show is funded by the Belgian government and is produced in partnership with NGO Search for Common Ground and independent station TV10. Their hope is to influence change in emerging economies like Rwanda.

Take a watch:


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  • Ask_Me

    This is great, but I cringed when I read this is funded by the Belgian government. Belgium, Germany, and France are about 90% responsible for the genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994.

    In my opinion, Paul Kegame and Rwanda’s government should tell the three countries (along with the USA and most European nations) to go straight to hell.

    Rwanda is slowly but surely becoming something great in Africa….no thanks to anyone other than the Rwandans themselves who have had to rebuild their broken nation and society from scratch. I admire them. They are a strong people. Hopefully, the ethnic wars flamed by Belgium, France and Germany are behind them. The next thing they need to work on is keeping the hands of European nations out of their country.

  • eve-audrey

    @ask_me but keeping hands of european nations off africa will be tough. In the past five or six years france has reinforced its presence on the continent specially in the west (where are its former colonies). People here always complain about africa being a “burden” on them ( because evryone knows that africans desperately need europeans because they can’t take care of themselves) but at the same time the governments never misses an occasion to intervene on the continent. And i’m telling you they fear the growing chinese presence there.

    • Ask_Me

      I know…it doesn’t help that African leaders are so selfish and corrupt either.

  • SE

    Well that’s a good thing. I like to see young people doing their thing.

  • eve-audrey

    African leaders are jokingly called the vassals of european nations so there are still a lot of thingss to change.