Grayson Bruce is a 9-year-old  from North Carolina who was bullied because of his love of My Little Pony. Grayson was often punched, pushed and called names and in response to the bullying his school recently banned him from bringing in his My Little Pony lunch bag citing it as a trigger for bullying.

In an interview with an ABC affiliate, Grayson said, “they’re taking it a little too far, with punching me, pushing me down, calling me horrible names, stuff that really shouldn’t happen.”

Grayson’s mother, Noreen, doesn’t object to her son having a My Little Pony lunch bag, because the cartoon is one of the few that stresses the importance of friendship and caring.  But she does object to the school enabling the bullying.  “Saying a lunchbox is a trigger for bullying, is like saying a short skirt is a trigger for rape. It’s flawed logic, it doesn’t make any sense,” Noreen told the news station.

The men and boys who follow My Little Pony are called Bronies, and many are showing their support for Grayson via a Facebook page that was set up for him.

Grayson isn’t the only boy who has had issues because of their My Little Pony toys.  Earlier this year, an 11-year-old boy tried to commit suicide after he was bullied for being a My Little Pony fan.  So far the Bronies have raised over $70,000 in support of his recovery costs.

The school released a statement in response to the bullying, saying “an initial step was taken to immediately address a situation that had created a disruption in the classroom.  Buncombe County Schools takes bullying very seriously, and we will continue to take steps to resolve this issue.”

Clutchettes, do you think Grayson’s lunch bag should be banned from the school?

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  • African Woman

    That’s why I don’t have children because they are soo silly and ignorant. And the parents should teach the children better manners. I’m truly disgusted by this story. Can’t people be themselves without judgement ?

  • Jhonnie

    I am hoping that this case will serve as an eye opener to anyone who have plan of doing things that may harm to anyone as well as themselves. We should always put in mind that everything we have done has it’s same price that we’ll be getting. And in line with this I wanted to suggest this site where I got the safety of my child. It’s a mobile safety App that has a relentless protection offers to all families. Check it here: http://safekidzone.com/?a_aid=52f12fafd5de8

  • Berri

    As a kid who was bullied, I understand where the school is coming from. They are doing what they think is best for his safety.Parents & school officials are not around 24/7. Why would you send your son to school with a girly looking my little pony bag & expect him not to get teased about it. Kids are not as open to acceptance or tolerance like some adults are.Why is that such a shocker.But I’m sure the kids will find other things to tease the boy about but don’t add more on to it. They probably won’t leave him alone until he sticks up for himself sad to say. That’s how I got the bullies to finally leave me alone.