Earlier this year, Saturday Night Live made a huge leap into the world of diversity by finally adding a Black woman to its cast. Sasheer Zamata became a featured player on Saturday Night Live in January and hasn’t been anything less than hilarious.

So now that SNL has gotten over it’s Black woman drought, should it start an EEO hiring spree? And up next, Latina women?

Recently, two Latina comediennes known as The Comedy Girls posted a video on YouTube, where they ask Lorne, “Why no Latinas?”  They also took it upon themselves to rename SNL, to “Still No Latinas”.

Take a look at their video below:

What I did find interesting is that one of the women made the joke that being Puerto Rican doesn’t mean that she isn’t Black.  Will the hiring of one Black woman have other ethnicities clamoring at their chance for SNL fame?  I have yet to see a Korean, Japanese, Chinese or Filipino cast member. Maybe SNL should have a diversity hiring job fair like larger corporations.

Clutchettes, what did you think about The Comedy Girls video? Do you think SNL will eventually add even more “color” to its cast?

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  • RJ

    Yes,they do. the issue is they want to take on issues of the world and they often have black and brown characters, yet they use white people to perform the role. That very fact means they should hire black and brown men and women.

    On a side note, I hate how even this issue is turned into a belief that “they should hire the most talented person and not use quotas”.

    Willful ignorance chaps my @@S!

  • Like I said when they hired their first black woman in years they should more on and hire more people of different backgrounds. However, like someone said SNL hasn’t been funny in a while and I don’t think having a diverse group will help much.

  • Faidah

    SNL has had black women on the show before. She is not the first black woman to be on the show. Lets be honest when writing articles and do the research. Having said that, I used to love SNL, but I went to Living Color and Mad Tv for funny skits with people of color. It’s time for SNL to mix it up. Times are changing and they need more color.

    • No one said she was the first black woman. The post referenced the black woman “drought” which means that they didn’t have one as a cast member for a while.