Terrence-RossI remember hearing about a classmate who once attended a hip hop concert, hovered backstage, and eventually made her way into one of the rappers’ rooms. Years later after I moved to D.C., someone told me maybe I’d luck up and meet a Washington Wizard and be set for life.

Surely she had me twisted.

“I’m nobody’s groupie,” I replied.

You know, the woman who shows up at venues where entertainers and athletes congregate with the hope of “earning” an 18-year salary complete with a Louis and Louboutin collection and a Benz as a bonus.

But 23-year-old, Toronto Raptors forward Terrance Ross doesn’t believe groupies exist or actually stake out hotel lobbies and bars or night clubs.

During a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, he says, “That’s a myth…that’s never happened. There’s so much security now.”


I guess no one bypasses security, and everyone really does go to All-Star Weekend for the games after all. And when a Basketball Wife says, “I don’t care if he cheats as long as I don’t find out about it,” it’s all out of true love.

Perhaps things are different in Canada. Or maybe he’s just too young and green to understand some women’s motives.

But what do you think? Do you think groupies and gold-diggers are now extinct?

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  • Denver

    It doesn’t make a difference. Most of the boys in the NBA dream of having women ‘chase’ them.

  • This boy do some good slam dunks

  • SMH

    Some of these guys want so bad to believe that these women, who they could never pull as an average broke Joe, are actually vying for them because they are so irresistible and desirable. Delusional, hence the multiple baby mamas and feigned disbelief that they are being dragged into child support court every other month.

  • Another foolish thing coming out of an athlete’s mouth. Hell yeah, groupies and gold diggers exists, security won’t stop that and sometimes security is the one who lets these women through. Women like this and athletes go hand and hand. Most athletes seek out these women to wife up. It reminds me of a quote that Wendy Robinson’s said on “The Game” to Tia. Something about you pushed another groupie out of the bed to get your spot.