Naomi Campbell is a legend. Her stunning gaze and legs for days have graced magazines and runways for, get this, almost 30 years! Yes, in the last few years, there was more talk about her ahem, attitude, thank her beauty and grace, but we love her just the same. Lately, Naomi was one of many women who came together on last week in New York City as part of the UN Women for Peace’s March In March To End Violence Against Women. Miss Naomi is still doing editorial spreads and slaying ’em, just peep this tribute we’ve put together in honor of one of the baddest supermodels of all time.

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  • Nirvana

    30 years is a significant achievement in any career, talk-less of high fashion modeling.

    I didn’t realize she had a nose job. She looks like an entirely different (and much better looking) person before.

    She needs to tell her boyfriend Vladimir Putin to back up off Ukraine.

  • Lola289


  • LaDonna

    Lol Nirvana, I think Naomi and Vladimir broke up a little while ago. I admire Naomi’s accomplishments in the fashion world. She and Christy Turlington were always my favorites. I hope ol’ girl has benefitted from her anger management courses or whatever they had her do during her “troubled” phase.

  • LaTigresse

    Sorry Nirvana and La Donna… Please get your facts straight! You’re talking both about the wrong Vladimir!

    Naomi dated billionaire Vladimir DORONIN, not Vladimir Putin the Russian President hahahha. BIG DIFFERENCE! (One is definitely hotter than the other btw)

    • Nirvana

      And… the award for completely missing the joke goes to you.

      I may not be excited about white boys as you clearly are, but I can surely tell them apart.

    • LaTigresse

      Nirvana. Sorry if I didn’t get the ”joke” but truthfully, it sounded more ignorant about politics than anything else.

      And what’s wrong with finding white men attractive? I also love black men but that doesn’t apply to the context. No need for you to be rude and no, I have no proof you can tell them apart ;)