Last night, during the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion taping, a fight broke out between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore. According to those in attendance, Williams seemed to have had enough of Moore’s bullying and antics and went ballistic on her.

Hair pulling and scratching ensued, which is pretty much ratings gold.

When you think TMZ can’t stoop lower than its stooped before, they stooped to calling the women “b*tches” in their post about the brawl.

From TMZ:

As for why they fought — it’s unclear. The people who were there tell us the tension between them had been mounting, but there was nothing obvious that triggered the fight. Here’s what’s obvious to us … Porsha’s on the chopping block, so this may be her way of staying on the show.

Bitches on reality shows. They’re awesome.

No one knows what set Williams off, but call me the b* word, and that is definitely grounds for a knockout. Way to go on keeping it classy as usual, TMZ.

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  • Ivory

    Porsha is gorgeous.

  • MommieDearest

    Both of these women are beautiful. It’s so sad that the inside doesn’t match what’s outside- particularly in Kenya’s case. Then again, I don’t know either woman personally so they might be sweet as pie in real life. But the fact that they willingly degrade themselves publicly and appeal to the lowest common denominator for cash speaks volumes about them.

    That applies to all “reality stars” across the board.

  • Hey!

    Porsha isn’t beautiful, would love to see him/her without the wigs and caked makeup on his face

    • queen2cent

      Hair might make the appearance of White Women, but for Black Women it’s our features.

  • Tony

    Wow, women in their 40’s fighting.

  • Marilyn huff

    I think Kenya need her butt knocked the heck out at least once….She is like the cat in the hat…. Stir up the situation and hide behind the glass and watch the shit fly while grinning like the “Joker”….I feel bad for Posh…she fell right in Kenya’s trap