So this past weekend’s White Man March  really happened, but apparently with only tens of people rather than the tens of thousands organizer Kyle Hunt anticipated.

Not only was the racist event a flop, but it also quickly became the mock of Twitter, generating more posts than protestors. Here are a few tweets to start off your Monday morning:







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  • Jay

    Whether the numbers were low due to restrictions or not some racist white people may not have attended because they consider themselves liberal progressives. So they wouldn’t be caught dead at a rally that promotes racism, but they’ll be the first to lock their doors and clutch their purses when ANY Black or Brown person approaches. They’re also the first to say that Black people are “too sensitive” when we check them for their micro-aggressions and racist jokes. So, the lack of participation in the rallies don’t give me too much hope, but the twitter disses are HEE-LAIR-REE-US!!!

    • Lola289

      Exactly, its a much bigger issue and I don’t think a lot of “liberals” would come forward in the discussion; instead they just sweep it under the rug. Meanwhile I have “red neck” acquaintances through mutual ” liberal” friends
      that go head into talks about racism. Pretty intense and pretty awesome that we can candidly discuss it.

  • Lola289

    Great Tweet Quotes!