The new trailer for James Brown’s biopic “Get On Up” trailer starring “42″ star Chadwick Boseman was released today. Boseman  portrays the Godfather of Soul in the film that depicts Brown’s childhood, prison sentence, and his rise to stardom. The story also follows Brown’s mother, played by Viola Davis, who abandoned him at age 6, and his aunt (played by Octavia Spencer), who raised him in a brothel.

“What have you heard is only the beginning,” the trailer promises.

The all-star cast also includes  Jill Scott, Aloe Blacc, True Blood star Nelsan Ellis, Craig Robinson, Black Thought  and Dan Aykroyd.

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  • The Other Jess

    Nah, will pass. Too many negative black women characters for me. I know James Brown came from poor and harsh cisrcumstances, but somehow these movies love to only focus on the “horrible” black women in their lives. Black people always get these gender war, contentious type movies. And as always, when the black woman is in some way negative, they always find black actresses. when it’s not negative, stereotypical or downtrodden, black actresses are cut (i.e. Red Tails). So nope, Not interested. And the director is Tate Taylor, the white man who made The Help. Since hollywood only manages to find black women (especially non-ambuguous black women) when they need to portray negatives, they can keep it. Even though I love James Brown, they can keep this.

    • Nikkoli

      Some b-words are never happy…Do you not see that it focuses on both of the women in his life? Is it JB’s fault these women were they way they were.

      And if they women in his life weren’t discussed..Y’all would be bitching about “Where’s the women who raised him”…ohh and god forbid JB’s white women are mentioned in the movie, “OMG another movie about a black man with a white woman”…

      Seriously, stfu.

  • Ask_Me

    I’ll pass too…I have no love for this woman beater. The arsehole beat Tammy Terrell black and blue while other black men in his band watched. I wonder if that’s in the movie? I hope James Brown is burning in hell…where he belongs.

  • Ivory

    It’s made by white people so I don’t want to see it.

  • ThatGirl

    guess I’m in the minority (pun intended), I’ll probably see it. Looks good

  • Blasé

    isn’t Andre 3000 also doing a James Brown film? that’s what i thought this is.

    i also wonder if the part about the abuse he inflicted on others is in here.

    i think i will watch.

    • Enneirda07

      andre 3000 doing a jimi hendrix movie