I’m obsessed with the habits and routines of different cultures, the things people take for granted as “normal” that might seem completely alien to someone across the border, the continent, or even across town. And hey, what’s more of a basic routine than breakfast? This fun video takes you on a visual tour of the typical breakfasts of countries around the world. Which country’s morning meal looked best to you? Egypt, Morocco, Iran, and Sweden all had me drooling profusely. [YouTube via Laughing Squid]


The Frisky

This post originally appeared on The Frisky. Republished with permission.

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  • MmmGood

    I’m hungry, again. I love breakfast. I eat different variations of the Mexico plate on a regular basis. Tortilla, egg, rice, and salsa (or avocado). Also, that’s a lot of meat on the UK plate.

    Another simple breakfast I like is red beans and rice with cheese as a burrito.

    Nothing beats pancakes or waffles, a glob of syrup, and fruit, though. Too bad I can’t eat that more often.

  • Fifi-Gongon

    No french breakfast ?? This has to be a joke, lol.

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