Tatia PIlieva’s short film First Kiss has been making the rounds on social media and I can’t decide how I feel about it.

The film, apparently a clothing ad for Wren, lets viewers watch as 20 strangers (ehem, models) pair up and kiss for the first time. The clip is equal parts endearing, awkward, cute and a little bit creepy, because, swapping bodily fluids with someone you just met minutes before? Sort of a dicey proposition.

Some of the couples appear to hesitate, their kisses uneasy and forced. While others get really into it, and by the end, will have you wondering if they saw each other again.

Despite my ambivalence about kissing strangers (I mean, aside from that one time I kinda made out with this Ghanaian guy in basement nightclub in London), I couldn’t take my eyes off of the black and white clip.

In the end, though, PIlieva’s film shows a side of relationships most of us have experienced, but rarely get to watch.

Take a look.

What do you think of the film? Would you kiss someone you just met?

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