• Me

    the dude on the left sound better than beyonce… sorry. had to say it cuz most of the time she just scream her way thru her tracks which ain’t singing to me. but her songs are catchy so i still listen to them when they come on the radio.

  • Suuzie

    I must pull my DVD out and watch Mrs. carter. The fellas really sound nice, somebody needs to sign them.

  • 2NatuRho

    Oh yes! I watched this video when it was uploaded the other night because I am a huge fan of Mitchell and Scott’s YouTube channel “Superfruit”! Please know that these men are apart of the widely popular acapella group Penatonix and they are most known for recreating songs from other artists, which acapella groups are known to do. They were winners from the Sing Off, are signed to a record label and have an album with original music… So please cease the hateful comments

    • Mahogany


    • vintage3000

      What “hateful comments” need to cease? No one here has said anything negative, even Youtube has nothing but high praise for these guys. Relax.

  • Danielle

    I agree with an above comment. Check them out (Pentatonix) on Youtube. They are amazing!!!