For every complaint about what’s lacking on television when it comes to featuring black women, there’s tons of hidden gems on YouTube that portray the different dynamics and true to life scenarios black women are dealing with on a daily basis.

The Shrink in B6  is the House of June’s  series  that follows Nadia West (Shayla Love Washington), a psychology grad school dropout and recently fired waitress who is given an ultimatum by her roommate Farrah (Tabby Molapo) to find a job. After not-so-thought-out consideration, Nadia posts a Craigslist ad for her services to provide affordable and intimate counseling sessions in her apartment. One-on-one, Nadia “counsels” an eclectic group of people with colorful issues, each episode with Nadia at the helm of their session as an unlicensed pseudo-shrink.

The Shrink in B6 is quirky and comical. It deals with issues that many women are either going through or have gone through.

Tune in to The Shrink in B6 on YouTube where new episodes are released the first Wednesday of every month.


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