A Maryland 14-year old is being charged as an adult in the alleged rape of his 8-year-old cousin.

Solomon Pule’s mother turned him in to authorities last Monday, according to CBS Baltimore.

According to reports,  Pule’s mother came downstairs to see the teen on top of his cousin on a love seat. The little girl’s skirt was lifted, Pule’s pants were down, and a pair of scissors sat next to the two, according to the statement.

“He told me if I was to scream that he was going to cut me,” the victim told police. “He shoved his thing in me.”

Pule’s mother told police she had instructed her son and niece to clean up the living room while she put her 2-year-old down for a nap upstairs. Believing it to be too quiet, the mother went downstairs to investigate and caught her son in the act, according to WUSA 9.

Police said Pule admitted to the crime during an interrogation. He is now being charged as an adult.

Dr. Carla Rhodes, a psychotherapist based out of Maryland who has worked in the Maryland prison system, has issues with children being charged as adults in cases such as these. “I feel when a child is charged as an adult it doesn’t address the child’s personal history and the circumstances that render them to do such extraordinary violence,” Dr. Rhodes stated.


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