If you’re loving Nicki Minaj’s new style after she unceremoniously ditched her famous wigs, loud makeup and colorful wardrobe, you’re not alone. Nicki seems more comfortable in her own skin since the transformation, telling “Good Morning America”: “I did the wigs, I did the colors, I did the heavy makeup and all that stuff.  And maybe I’m more confident in myself.”

That confidence shines through with every Instagram picture and red carpet shot of Nicki in her natural hair (styled by Oscar James) and minimalist Alexander McQueen gowns. Sure her over-the-top ensembles entertained, but there’s something more captivating, endearing and ultimately, more beautiful, about Nicki’s new look.

Click through for four reasons we’re loving it.

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  • Primmest Plum

    She looks infinitely better, but after that deplorable Malcolm X cover, I’ve never really found it in myself to be even a casual fan of hers anymore.

  • Renee

    She looks nice, but she doesn’t look happy.

  • Sistahsecret

    When she first came out I liked her in remixes with rappers. I would prefer to hear her small few words making the music even greater. I loved that she was a black woman (yes a black woman people always bringing up mixtures when I met biracials dark like Alec Wek with black textured hair with white moms, the media just tend not to use biracials who appear more black mix wise.)
    We share the same brown skin tone, yet she was bold with colors, crazy hair styles and made up voices (when she visit back home to visit family they all had a heavy Trinidadian accent except her).
    I loved her because she was all pink and glam and being herself that I tried new hair styles with blonde tips that I would get people stopping me on the streets saying how beautiful I am, and told by other races I should keep that color, it never ends. Because of Nicki I tried beauty risks that were shockingly perfect for me….yes I was a fan…again was kinda like I was a destinys child fan until Beyonce went solo.
    I bought her first CD. The first song on the CD was saying how she was there for the girls and hold our heads up ect.

    Then as the CD played…..use a permanator……nappy headed hoes (Imus was her inspiration?)….then she picks on people who can’t afford pricey clothes….then ew, ew, ew, Then in another song talks about hows shes from another country and your jealous that she makes more then you…um ….well I’m from America and it was people like me who helped you get the fame you got in the first place :/
    Great to do a Trinidad shout out,but don’t put down those who were a huge part of your success aka Americans.

    Notice how Nicki and your average rapper puts down their own, but know full well not to talk badly about whites such as their hair, features and what they need to use and ew.

    Then the last straw was her easy song that had to take only five min. to create was called shes a hoe over and over and over and over…..and over as if she ran out of lyrics. Now she sucks and who is playing that song anyway? And why down women as a hoe?

    Now she see her sales slipping now wants to tone it down and pretend to act normal? She lost a fan for life.