I love Instagram as much as the next gal, but there are a few things that I often see on the social media platform that I could do without. Forever. Let’s see if you agree…

The Spelling Bee Loser
Look, I’m no stickler for spelling and grammar and all of that in general. However, if you’re trying to make some type of witty joke or offer some poignant food for thought, let’s get that spelling together people. I can’t “like” misspelled memes. I just can’t do it. This saddens me.

The Faux Fitness Buff
No shade to the real fitness buffs on Instagram. I love following people who have good tips and provide inspiration. I’m talking about the faux fitness folks and I’ve seen them live and in action.  Well, in “action.” Ever been to the gym and seen the dude who comes in takes about 10 different pictures of himself essentially posing with a weight and then dips? Yep. Those folks. Boo.

The Mean, But Funny Jokester
I seriously howl with laughter sometimes at some of the Instagram posts I come across, but the jokes can be so cut throat, especially when the jokes are about celebrities. So mean, but so funny. I don’t like the idea of going to hell. Stop making me feel like I’m going to hell.

The Fronter
We’ve seen this one quite a bit. The ones who post pictures of a wad of cash (presumably the result of a cashed check pre rent-paying) or a half empty bottle of whatever with the infamous #turntup or #turndownforwhat hashtags even though that bottle is sitting on grandma’s table and bought by Uncle Pat.  This type of frontin’ is especially sad and dangerous to me. People post these things knowing they are not true and then end up feeling bad about themselves for living this big lie.  It perpetuates unhealthy mental, psychological and financial cycles.

The Documentarian
By documentarian, I’m not talking about the Peter Burns-type geniuses of the world, I’m talking about the person who documents every single meal, emotion, thought and location. Your feed will be overrun and you will know what snacks said poster had at 3:25 pm yesterday.  That unfollow button looks pretty cute sometimes.

What are your Instagram pet peeves?

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  • Riyo.Chiasa

    –The comments where a person will tag one of their friends and say, “I thought this was you!” on a celebrity picture even though that person looks nothing like that celebrity. There’ll be multiple people who do this. How many look-a-likes can there be?

    –Women and girls who purposely take pictures of their breasts or body and write a random caption like, “Look at my new coffee table”.

    –Men who preach about the behavior of ‘females’, ‘hoes’, and ‘THOTs’, but yet they post pictures of scantily glad women for ‘WCW’.

    –People who think they are being profound by posting well known quotes or religious spiel as their original idea.

    –People who post pictures for their ‘haters’.

    –This whole thing where people refer to a celebrity on their pictures or person they like as ‘bae’, ‘husband’, or ‘wifey’. Some of them will even claim ownership of that person.

  • Michelle

    I had an Instagram account for three weeks before I terminated the subscription because of the abundant lying from the people that I knew. I understand when people only follow their favorite celebrities’ accounts.

  • Primmest Plum

    My biggest Instagram pet peeve is guys posting sexual explicit and vulgar memes, illustrations or photos. Not every once and while. But every single other post is about sex. Getting sex. How long it’s been since you’ve had sex. I’ve unfollowed quite a few for that. I don’t need that crap on my feed.

    • Riyo.Chiasa

      That’s a pet peeve of mine as well.

  • Krystal Guest

    The person who posts nothing but selfies. Ok, you look great all the time but do you have friends? A favorite dish? Anything? Its like they have nothing else going on.

  • chanela

    When chicks post pictures of quotes that marilyn monroe never even said. that mess would have modern writing in it and then say -marilyn monroe *eyeroll*