Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s penchant for all things social media has gotten him into some high priced trouble. A video model is suing 50 Cent for defamation after he posted a doctored photo of her Instagram.

Sally Ferreira claims the rapper called her a “thirsty video bitch” on Instagram.

50 Cent posted Ferreira’s photo on his account after photos leaked from his  video shoot for Big Rich Town, which was shot on board a train in The Bronx, New York, on March 23. 50 Cent accused Ferreira of leaking the photographs herself and claimed she was bragging that she was dating him.


He wrote on March 27: “WARNING: Do not attempt to work with this thirsty Video bitch [Her name is Sally Ferreira and she’s a model…] she sent photos Of the video shoot to Mediatakeout Saying I’m in a relationship Withher Cananyone say RESHOOT (sic)”

Her lawsuit claims: “Before the defamatory posting, Ms. Ferreira was working on three separate entertainment industry projects and enjoyed a good reputation in the industry.

“As a direct and proximate result of the defamatory posting and the subsequent media fallout and negative publicity surrounding Ms. Ferreira, as of the date of this filing, all three projects have been put indefinitely on hold.

“Moreover, as a direct and proximate result of Mr. Jackson’s actions, Ms. Ferreira has been subjected to harsh and hurtful comments about her profession, character, and appearance, causing her severe emotional distress.”

If Ferreira wins, that Instagram post will cost 50 Cent $11 million.

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  • Zoe

    We don’t even who is telling the truth but we are already taking sides. Remember there are two sides to a story and then there is the truth.

  • Rosie Perez

    Was that really necessary tho? It’s just a music video, no one cares that much for him to really be airing her out like that.

  • Sistahsecret

    Shes trying to sale herself and name dropping with photos appeared kinda desperate. Guess she didn’t like 50’s response. Lawsuit could be really her trying to get a retirement fund. The industry is not woman friendly when it comes to aging.

    • Anthony

      True, that is all the more reason for a successful entertainer to not give someone like Ferreira an opening.