040814 Lyrique and Sgt Wil Alteus

Most kids don’t want their parents dropping them off in a school parking lot, let alone popping up in a classroom. Mom. Dad. No.

But second-grader Lyrique Alteus didn’t mind a surprise visit from her father last Friday at Mount Dora Bible School in Mount Dora, Fla.

Sgt. Alteus was a single father living with his daughter, Lyrique, in New Jersey when he was called to active duty. He decided to send Lyrique south to live with his sister, Kinley.. Kinley and Lyrique were unsure of his exact return.

Last Friday, a group of students at Lyrique’s school was chosen to play a word game. Each student held up lettered cards, which eventually spelled out “Lyrique’s Dad is Home.” After taking a few seconds to process what she’d just heard and read, Lyrique turned to see her dad in the audience. Even Kinley was unaware of her brother’s arrival.

“My brother wanted to make this special for Lyrique because it was so hard leaving her for those months … it was a huge surprise for both of us!” she says.

Watch the heartwarming video:


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  • TheGift


    The story about my daughter, Lyrique, being reunited with her father, Wilsondo Alteus… Please take this down!!!! This is my daughter!!! This story is going viral for all the wrong reasons! This “soldier” has not let me see nor speak to my daughter while he was deployed overseas! He refused to tell me of her whereabouts! Every time this story pops up, I die more and more inside! I love and miss my daughter so much!!! I cried all day yesterday!!!! When I saw this post that a friend of mine tagged me in, my heart stopped! It’s pounding so hard right now!!!! If anything, can you help me be reunited with my child! I’ve raised her since birth and I’m a great Mother! She needs me and I need her!!! She is my everything! Lyrique is my first born daughter and it hurts so much that she has been ripped away from me like this!!! I want to hold and kiss my baby! It’s been a year since I last seen her! The nation saw her before I did yesterday when friends told me they saw her on the Today Show! My heart hurts so bad!!!! Lord I need help! I need peace with this but my thoughts and feelings are racing! He is a “hero” in the media but has been a detriment to my life! I’ve searched high and low for her whereabouts and finally had a breakthrough and found her because of the NEWS yesterday! What an awful way to learn where she is! I wish her father would be more corporative! I never got in the way of their relationship, yet he can’t seem to reciprocate the same moral behavior! I’m devastated yet grateful that I’m one step closer to finding and seeing her again!!!! Any assistance you can give will be appreciated!

    • Chauntelle

      Hi! You may need to contact the authorities. I’m not sure but you need to start there first. I’m sorry that this is going on with you but I wish you all the luck. May you find peace Sista.

  • AfroStyling

    I’m not crying…