teleka-patrick_240x340_23Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller has confirmed that the body found at the south end of Lake Charles in Porter, Ind., on Sunday is that of missing Dr. Teleka Patrick.

“The female has been positively identified of that of Dr. Teleka Patrick,” Fuller said at a press release earlier today. “The cause of death seems to be consistent with that of an accidental drowning.”

Fuller says Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris initially had difficulty identifying Patrick’s body because it was severely decomposed. But $100 in cash, a pager, and the keys to her Lexus were found in her coat pocket, which is consistent with what authorities believe Patrick was carrying with her the night she went missing.

Harris was eventually able to confirm Patrick’s body through her fingerprints.

“Teleka’s death is not the ending we had hoped for, however, the journey does not end here,” wrote Patrick’s family on a Facebook page dedicated to finding her. “As we mourn Teleka, we must also honor her; honor the life she led, honor her kind spirit and honor her devotion to God and others.”

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  • Tonididitonem

    And so this story came to such a tragic end. I had hoped it wouldn’t. Make God console her family.

  • ALM247

    Lord, I hate to hear this. I had been praying that they would find her alive.

    Why haven’t the authorities looked further into the taxi cab driver that supposedly took her from work to a hotel? The media was reported that the hotel wouldn’t allow her to book a room with cash.

  • Cocolicious

    An accidental drowning? No way.

    • GeorgiaMaude

      Yeah, it’s suspicious how frequently the deaths of these missing black women end up just being called “accidents” (the school teacher in New Orleans a few years ago comes to mind)–yes, we have accidents like everyone else, but I don’t buy it.

  • Valerie

    God bless the dead.

  • Chauntelle

    I’m sure it is more to this story. Damn , Black Women can’t catch a break. Accident ? Naw, I don’t think so. Her car was more than a hundred miles away!! May her family find peace, but someone is responsible for her death I’m so positive! And for people that don’t think so, wake up!!!