Gone are the days of the “Dear Jane or John” letters. Gone are the days of calling someone up and cursing them out over the phone to break up with them. Also, gone are the days of declaring your new-found singleness with a Facebook status post.  In the age of selfies a new way of breaking up with someone seems to be with a little photo manipulation.



Instagram user @cjkarl11 used the service to dump his girlfriend this week and referred to it as #transformationtuesday. 

Unfortunately, this was all news to his girlfriend:


It’s great to see that @CJKarl11 is taking it all in stride. His ex, on the other hand, has deleted her Instagram account.

Womp.  Social media has made the world so, so, cold.

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  • LadyBB

    That is childish. Social Media definitely changed the way we interact with people but that’s an unacceptable way to break up with someone. I would much rather it be face to face or over the phone. Not through FB, IG, or text message smh

  • It’s Me Spade

    They look like siblings.