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The champagne toast is one of my favorite customs. I’m all about celebrating happy moments with sparkly wine, so hey, what’s not to love? But lately I’ve been thinking that the traditional requirements for what constitutes a champagne-worthy moment are way too predictable (not to mention way too rare). Major milestones like engagementsweddingsbuying a house, having a baby, or getting a promotion certainly deserve a toast, but what about the less obvious occasions that may or may not be life-changing, but sure as hell feel like it at the time? Things like paying off your credit card debt, adopting a pet, or finding out you’re STD free. I’ll drink to all that! Here are 30 oft-overlooked life moments that totally deserve a glass of bubbly, AKA 30 reasons we should all be joyously drinking champagne all the time…

1. Nailing a presentation at work that you’ve been stressing over for months.
2. Finally starting your own blog/podcast/Etsy shop.
3. Discovering a new sex position.
4. Having a civil conversation with your mother-in-law.
5. Getting your period after worrying that you could be pregnant.
6. Making it through the first fight with a significant other.
7. Sending the last payment for your student loan.
8. Cooking an amazing dinner from an intimidating recipe.
9. Replacing the shower head, all by yourself.
10. Completing your retirement fund forms.
11. Cleaning out your closet.
12. Deciding to go back to school.
13. Meeting your fitness goal.
14. Finding out you’re STD free.
15. Perfecting your liquid liner cat eye.
16. Getting the last tickets to a sold out concert.
17. Coming out.
18. Booking a kickass vacation.
19. Finalizing your divorce.
20. Looking in the mirror and loving your body, exactly as you are.
21. Confessing something that had been eating you up inside.
22. Mastering a Pinterest hair tutorial.
23. Organizing your inbox.
24. Adopting a rescue dog/cat.
25. Having your first orgasm with a new sex partner.
26. Crossing something off your bucket list.
27. Doing your taxes yourself and discovering you’re getting a return.
28. Parallel parking your car into the tiniest space it could possibly fit.
29. Not responding to a text from that toxic ex who messages you every few months to see if they still have a hold on you.
30. Paying off your credit card debt.

The Frisky

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