Chicago’s first-quarter murder total this year hit its lowest number since 1958, police say.

The Sun-Times reports Chicago’s first quarter of 2014 tallied the lowest number of homicides since 1958. The numbers reflect six fewer homicides than the same period in 2013, and 55 fewer homicides since the same time in 2012.

“This is now the sixth consecutive quarter that we’ve had significant reductions of murder and violence in the city,” Chicago’s Police Supt. Garry McCarthy told ABC Chicago in an interview Tuesday. “We’re pleased, but of course we have a lot of work to do.”

McCarthy told ABC that even in crime-heavy areas where incidents are down, “perception lags to [the] reality of crime.”

“You don’t reduce the murder rate in Lincoln Park the way that you do in Roseland,” McCarthy said. “Roseland is where we’re seeing great gains, but sometimes people don’t feel that. When the murder rate goes down from ten to eight, do you feel 20 percent better? No. We understand it.”

Overall crime is down 25 percent from last year, and police said more than 1,300 illegal guns were recovered in the last three months.

McCarthy, an opponent of Chicago’s concealed carry law, also made a point to mention that the department made it’s first arrest of a person with a concealed carry permit after the man allegedly threatened to shoot someone in a rent money dispute.

“We’re going to have tragedies from this,” McCarthy said of concealed carry in Chicago. “The answer to gun violence is not more guns — it’s less guns.”


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  • Me

    i’m glad to hear the stats are getting better & i hope it’s really getting better instead of just rigging the reports to say what they want it to say. hopefully folks in chicago will start feeling safer soon.

  • Ohpuhleezee

    The crime rate is down for the first quarter because of the really cold weather this year.

    • Me

      how you explain “This is now the SIXTH CONSECUTIVE QUARTER that we’ve had significant reductions of murder and violence in the city”?

  • Toni

    Hmmmmnn I celebrate this but there shouldn’t be low homicide quarters because people shouldn’t be killing other people to begin with. I’m very very very conservative when it comes to crime and such so I’m Going to keep my opinion to myself bit everytime I hear Chicago and crime I roll my eyes.

    • OhPuhleezee

      The CPD does a whole lot of funny math when they’re making their calculations. They’re notorious for re-categorizing things to make the numbers look good. There isn’t a person in Chicago (including police officers)that would disagree with what I said about crime and the weather this first quarter.

    • CS773

      OhPuhLeeze is absolutely right. It’s not a coincidence that this was the coldest winter in recorded Chicago history. It warmed up to 65 on Tuesday and 4 and 5 year olds got shot on 77th and Kingston around 7pm. So, let’s see how this summer goes before we start celebrating records. She’s also correct about McCarthy and Rahm trying to make themselves look good with these numbers, especially since they are now in the spotlight with this “Chicagoland” series on CNN.

  • constance

    I agree with Toni, black people deciding not to kill each other is not a cause of celebration. I think about the reasons for black gun violence all the time and I just cannot explain the dramatic rise in black gun violence.

    My grandmother grew up in the segregated South and in her day, there were no drive by shootings, young black men were not shooting up busses, which happened just last week in Brooklyn. I hear stories from older black people who grew up in Harlem back in the 40s and 50s and they tell me that even in a place like Harlem which is well known for crime, people used to leave their doors unlocked, they felt so safe they would also sleep on their fire escapes. Well those days are gone!

    Sorry to ramble, but I just wish someone could explain why gun violence is just so endemic in the black community.

    • I think gun violence is endemic to the United States and any other place where people have easy access to guns. Note: people in other countries are often just as violent, they just have to use other means to kill (which are often much more gruesome than guns, like the Taliban throwing acid in little girls’ faces and the planned stoning of that woman who got pregnant [either unmarried or married an had an affair] in rural Nigeria).

      There’s probably more gun violence in urban black communities b/c it is ongoing organized crime via gangs and drugs whereas in other places, the gun crimes are more sporadic and independent (eg. spouses shooting another spouse or isolated mass shootings).

    • MusiKCityK

      It due to a lack of indentity among the youth. Shoot we have a complete breakdown of identity within the African American community period. Look at how many regualr black folk get rich then say they prefer not be identified as black, but just great in their field. So many of the youth don’t know our great history in this country our history of SURVIVING and THRIVING so there is no sense of we are all in this together.