Conde nast buildingI’ve only had one internship during my entire educational career, and that was unpaid. But I accepted it for the practical experience amidst a drastic career change, and I was expecting a financial aid refund that would support a temporary lapse in salary – that was until the school delayed the refund until the end of the semester. So the internship had to go, after all a sista’s got to eat and maintain a roof over head!

So I understood the grounds for the lawsuit that triggered Conde Nast to discontinue its internship program last fall. The media conglomerate is now in the process of settling the suits filed by Lauren Ballinger and Matthew Lieb, who alleged they were paid below minimum wage for their respective summer internships at W magazine and The New Yorker.

C.E.O. Chuck Townsend wrote in a staff memo “We believe that settling the lawsuit at this time is the right business decision for Conde Nast.”

The terms of the settlement are still being finalized.

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    good for them. i’m waiting to hear how the student athletes/employees fight goes down too since they just won the right to form a union. the u.s. been hoodwinking students on unpaid labor & turning their noses up at other countries & their child labor laws. all these kinda stories are interesting to me & how students fight for their right to be paid for the work they do for these billion dollar businesses. one of the things that stick out to me is those internship programs that give you college credit instead of a check & folks act like that’s worth something but the thing is it don’t cut down on your tuition bill b/c you pay the same amount if you take 12 credits or 21 credits as long as you enrolled full time. so i feel like a bunch of kids falling for the okey doke.