Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

The Warren County Prosecutor’s Office has decided to not pursue criminal charges against the eight white wrestling students who posed with a black dummy simulating a lynching . Instead, the matter will be handed back to school officials to decide the next course of action.

My guess is it’ll do nothing.

The Phillipsburg, N.J., students came under scrutiny after a photo of them posing with a lynched dummy dressed in rival Paulsboro High School attire went viral. Scott Wilhelm, the attorney for the students, says the photo was “innocent,” and he expressed his disappointment at the school’s decision to ban the wrestlers from the state individual tournament and suspend them from school for three days.

“When we spontaneously set the scene and posed for the photograph, our sole purpose was to promote school spirit and portray our wrestling team as victor over two of our arch-rivals – Paulsboro High School and Kittatinny High School, and not for any other purpose,” Wilhelm said in February on behalf of the students.

Innocent? Spontaneously? School spirit? Do y’all see the noose and the two pointed hoods?


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  • joe

    So much for the idea that racism will end when all of the old racists pass away. They are simply replaced by young ones.

    • Tonididitonem

      Yup. Bigoted mindsets handed down generation after generation.

  • Stacy L.

    Some black folks tired of talking about racism, tho.

    • Black Male Privilege

      But we aren’t. Go punk out somewhere else.

    • Stacy L.

      Um, I was being sarcastic because someone on the Pharrell/Oprah post said that they were tired of talking about racism.

    • Mary Burrell

      @ Stacy L. Thanx so much for clearing that up. I appreciate that.

  • Mary Burrell

    Just another generation of racist being groomed to take the place of the old guard. Business as usual.