unnamedI discovered the pigtailed Doc McStuffins last year and immediately liked the cartoon’s underlying messages – one being little black girls can grow up to be doctors, too. Now the miniature doctor has more wisdom to share with her little fans, and this time it’s about their hair.

In Thursday’s episode, Doc treats Curly Q, a doll crowned in thick, brown curls. However, Curly Q loves everyone else’s hair except her own. Doc’s mom, who is also a physician, reminds Doc that even she didn’t like her curly hair until she found her signature pigtails and purple headband.

“Just have Curly find what works for her, and she’ll see how beautiful her hair is,” Doc’s mom says.

The full “Take Your Doc to Work Day” episode aired today on Disney East but will air again at 12:30 p.m. on Disney West.

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  • J.Nicole

    About a month ago my 5 year old niece had a bday party. While in the store I saw a hat with Doc McStuffins on it; I had no idea who she was. I only picked it up because it was a non-Dora brown face. My niece saw the hat and went crazy! I didn’t know kids like her so much but I’m so glad they do. This message is the icing on the cake. So adorable!

  • De_Ann

    This show looks incredibly adorable. I will have to watch it.

  • ToniTonyTone

    My grown, childless behind LOVES this show!

  • Varah

    I am 19 and this made me cry lol! Awesome!