A New Jersey woman is relieved that her Yorkie and television have been returned after a disastrous first date. The unnamed Dover, NJ woman met a man name “Joel” though the dating app Scout. Authorities say the woman went into another room of her house, but when  she returned to her living room, the Yorkie and television, along with Joel, were gone. The dog is valued at $4,000, and her television, valued at $3,000.

The incident occurred last Thursday, but on Saturday morning, the victim informed the police her television and dog were left in the front of her house.  Authorities have discovered the man’s true identity and charges could be filed.

Online dating lesson number one, never bring someone to your house.


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  • ALM247

    This is totally the guy’s fault, but who brings a random dude into their home on the first date? Why are people so scared of vetting someone out before they give that person such a high level of trust?

    • pinkbabe

      The article did not say the incident occurred on their first date.

    • genii love

      i think it did say it happened on the first date or shall i say “after disastrous first date”

    • ALM247


      Since you responded to me, even though the article says “first date”, I’m guessing that you must be the woman in question. It’s okay. Please stop inviting strangers in your house.

  • hithere

    why was he at her house?

  • lovechild

    I hate this happened to her at all but the outcome could have been a lot worse, she had a lot more to lose than her dog and tv. Lesson here: make people earn your trust!