Wouldn’t it be great to see more curly-headed brown girls star in animated movies? Dreamworks Animation thinks so, too. The animation studio’s next project, Home, will feature a young, black girl as its protagonist. And her voice will be Rihanna’s!

Rihanna plays Tip, who manages to avoid capture by Boov, an alien race that takes over Earth and relocates the humans. However, Tip finds herself the accidental accomplice of a banished Boov named Oh, who inadvertently notifies mortal enemies of their location. The pair embark on the road trip of a lifetime – in their flying car.

The film is described as a “post-apocalyptic-alien-invasion-buddy-comedy,” and it’s based on Adam Rex’s children’s book “The True Meaning of Smekday.”

Watch the funny short clip that shows how Boov settled on Earth, pre-Tip of course and appropriately titled Almost Home.

Home invades theaters this November.

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  • vintage3000

    I’m also glad to see this made and i hate to be that guy, but yeah-Rihanna? A chick who can’t keep her clothes on, most recently photographed naked from the waist down while guys poured beer on her–Dreamworks thinks this kind of celeb is ok to voice a project with a young Black girl as the lead. ok

  • Taja Smith

    I really want to see Tip driving that flying car? Is she going to crash? Is she a skilled driver? Well, I hope she makes it… #HomeLOL

  • Xiolito

    They just couldn’t get a full little black girl to be in the lead. Always have to whitewash blacks girl, dontcha? Will not be supporting this movie. Was it so hard to make the mom black, and an absent black father that just fuels on that stereotype?

    • Xiolito

      My niece and nephew deserve people that look like them and do not play out stereotypes. Would have rather this film never have been made.