We’ve heard of women resorting to “dancing” to pay their way through college, but would a man shake what his mama, uh, daddy, gave him to pay the bills?

That’s the question at the center of filmmaker Tahir Jetter’s latest web series Hard Times, billed as “the most cinematic, scantily-clad web series of 2014.”

The series follows a personal trainer on his last dime as he tries to hustle up some cash. When a friend suggests he moonlight as a male stripper, he has to decide if he’s going to disrobe just to make ends meet.

Hard Times was created by Jetter and Donald Conley. It stars Abraham Amkpa, Bianca Laverne Jones, Ashley Denise Robinson and Vladimir Versailles. The series, which was shot by award-winning Director of Photography Daniel Patterson, will run for 11 episodes.

Take a look at the first episode below:

Learn more about Hard Times on Facebook and the series’ website.

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