042514 Tyt'ana Lisa-Nicole Johnson

When I was 17, I loved the phone as much as the next teenager, but I’ll be damned if I tried to kill my grandma over it.

Tyt’ana Lisa Nicole Johnson of Fayetteville is charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder after spiking a pot of collard greens with termite killer. Apparently she was upset because her grandmother, Gaylon Moody, confiscated her cell phone as punishment.

She then let Moody and her friend eat the greens, which were prepared for Easter dinner.

Twitter has expressed its disgust for Johnson’s disrespect to the holiday dinner staple:

A mess.

Grandma and friend were hospitalized and are still recuperating.

Johnson’s bond is set for $500,000.

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  • EbonyLolita

    This is frightening. But on another note she doesn’t look 17. She looks like an old woman who’s seen and been through some stuff :(
    I wouldn’t allow her back in my house after this! Can’t trust her for NOTHING!

    • Stacy L.

      I don’t think she’s going to be up in anybody’s house after this. Her bond is $500,000! Yes, she has an old face. The sad part is, her grandmother may have been the only one who was there for her. Where’s her mother and father?

    • EbonyLolita

      I’m telling you grandmothers are truly the backbone of most black families. I wonder where her parents are too.

  • Sistahsecret

    It’s going to take a brave soul to keep her as a foster child (we can forget about her being adopted). She does look aged like in her 20’s then 17. Her grandma would be crazy to move her back in. You cook some food and don’t know if it will kill you or not. I wonder how much phone time she gets being locked up?

    • Taz

      I think it was more than the cellphone

    • Sistahsecret

      What else?

    • Taz

      No parents, fustrations, no one to understand or listen to her….It all seems unfortunate and the teen looks like she seen alot and been through alot

  • Taz

    Where are her parents tho? Seems like it was more built up frustration than a cellphone

  • Vag Owner

    i don’t believe she tried to kill her grandmom over a cell phone. the cell phone was probably the last straw, but there was most likely a whole series of events. heck that phone could have been her only escape. i know kids raised by their grandparents and 90% are messed up. that generational gap is no joke. not saying it is grandmom’s fault. it is mostly the fault of mommy and daddy who were supposed to be the bridge of that gap yet where are they?