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In blooper reel news, Fox News host Heather Childers announced the University of Connecticut’s national championship on Tuesday by saying that the team was “NAACP champs.” I mean, I guess there are a ton of Black players, and the acronym is eerily similar.

“The UConn Huskies are the 2014 NAACP national champs,” Childers remarked during the second hour of the Fox & Friends First morning show.

Thankfully, Childers realized the error of her ways and corrected herself the second time she had to say NCAA.

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  • Vinney91

    Lol its easy to make the mistake even when your in the sports world, ive messed it up a few times myself

  • raej

    I’m a TV producer and I can’t count the number of times I have mixed up similar acronyms. It’s live TV and it happens. This is only making the rounds because it’s Fox News and I’m no fan of FNC.

  • Elizabeth Jones

    Nah, I ain’t buying it. It’s FOX News and considering the way they up the ante on anti-black racism since President Obama’s first election win, this wasn’t an accident.

    • G

      Liz, this is code speak for “they are all Black”. See how “they” even sound alike . . . just another day of FOX SH+%! Arousing the hate in the poor Whites who are their fan base.