Mariesha Rucker attending the integrated prom in 2013.

Mariesha Rucker attending the integrated prom in 2013 not sanctioned by the high school.

Since the 1970s, Wilcox High School didn’t have an official prom. The students in Rochelle, Ga high school either attended either a spring dance for white students, or a separate event for black students.

Last year, four best friends – 2 white and 2 black- wanted to take a stand against the segregated events in their town. Stephanie Sinnot, Mareshia Rucker, Quanesha Wallace, and Keela Bloodworth thought it was down right embarrassing that in 2013, they weren’t able to attend the same event with each other.  With help from contributions received online the girls were able to organize an integrated prom, which was still not sanctioned by the school system.

But that still didn’t stop others from holding their “whites” only prom.

Well this year, things have changed. Wilcox High School has finally stepped into the world of post-racial proms and held its first official prom event on Saturday, and race didn’t matter.

“WCHS hosted its inaugural prom recently, and students worked hard to raise money and decorate for the prom,” the school stated on its website.

But not everyone was in agreement with the prom. According to Rucker,  some in the community still don’t approve.

“I’m absolutely sure that there are teachers that are still in the system right now that are at my school and they still don’t want an integrated prom,” Rucker told WGXA News.


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