Gugu Mbatha-Raw

The British actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw has been on the acting scene for years. Gugu has been a supporting actress to actors like Tom Hanks, Boris Kodjoe, Kiefer Sutherland and David Tennant and now it’s finally her time to shine.

Receiving her training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Gugu Mbatha-Raw has now landed the lead role in the upcoming film Belle. Gugu which is short for “Gugulethu,” is the daughter of a South African doctor and British nurse. Most known for her work in NBC’s Undercovers and Fox’s Touch, Gugu Mbatha-Raw is definitely one of the next big stars in Hollywood.

Check out some our favorite beauty and style looks from Gugu Mbatha-Raw and make sure you check out her upcoming film — Belle directed by Amma Asante.

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  • Jenb

    I really like Gugu. She’s so pretty and very talented, she deserves much higher profile roles. I hope in the future she will be offered more lead roles. I can’t wait to see Belle. I love that a period drama being written and directed by two black women. I’m definitely going to support!

  • constance

    I am always surprised and a little confused when really attractive women such as Gugu don’t become more famous and have sort of middling careers. There ‘s this mixed race actress named Laila Ariceri, I think and she is absolutely stunning and I always wondered why in an entertainment industry based mostly on looks, why she is not more well known.

    • Jenb

      I just think she hasn’t had the right sort of publicity. Actresses can go from “who?” to “EVERYWHERE” look at Lupita. Publicity in Hollywood means everything, even more than talent sadly. Hopefully she will be on magazine covers and doing interviews soon.

    • Candy

      I’m certainly not trying to knock anyone’s hard work, but a lot of success in Hollywood comes down to pure luck. If the right person sees you at the right time you can turn into a superstar, if not, all the talent in the world means squat.

    • ALM247

      A lot of Hollywood is political. Gugu may be more similar to Angela Bassett in that she just wants to do good work without having to “play the game” and “tap dance” to the Hollywood machine’s beat.

  • Mary Burrell

    I attended the International Film Festival a couple of weeks ago in my city, and “Belle was one of the films being shown, I was disappointed that we had to miss it due to a tornado warning and had to leave before the weather got bad, but i am glad it’s going to be shown again in the theater. I am going to see it.

  • ALM247

    She is such a beautiful lady. I wish her much success.