We might want to think twice about picking up those products at the checkout counter, especially if we’re in a certain Houston beauty supply store. Houston couple Deadra Pattum and John Marsden tell KHOU they were charged and strip-searched over $3 earrings they never took.

“The owner said ‘you people always steal,’” says Marsden. “And he said ‘give me the earrings and I call police.’”

(I would’ve lost it with ‘you people.’)

Pattum admits to picking up the earrings but says she put them back. Marsden says they were then forced to stay in the store and ordered to strip. “So I took off my socks and shoes and I took off my pants,” he says. “I was nervous.”

Say what, now?

There is no way in hell I’m undressing for a store manager after I said I didn’t take his cheap ish. And I would’ve left those hair extensions I intended to buy right on the counter.

But the situation becomes even more angering when a security guard showed up, looked at the surveillance video only to say, “She never left the counter with those earrings in her hand. There was no evidence of shoplifting.”

Houston police viewed the same video and found no evidence of stealing.

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