Singer Janelle Monae understands all too well the “I, Too, Am Harvard” video campaign, which details black students’ experiences at Harvard and other Ivy League universities.

“When I got into the music industry, there were not a lot of African-American girls wearing tuxedos [and] rocking natural hair on a mainstream level,” she says. “I was not status quo, and I can relate to the students here who come, and they may be the minority.”

Janelle had the opportunity to visit the campus where she performed for Yardfest and was honored by the Women’s Center.

“I know you guys have other artists who come that may not be in the same vein as me,” she says. “I took that as an opportunity to share my story and to get people familiar with my message and what I’m about as a human being and as a woman, and as a daughter, and as a sister, and as a black woman, and as an artist who’s redefining what it means to be an artist.”

(Janelle instagrammed this photo at Harvard)

(Janelle instagrammed this photo at Harvard)

The Harvard Crimson reports that Janelle was a hit among the students and apparently (and rightfully) so. After tweeting about her experience with the Women’s Center, she promptly tweeted that she was also an honoree for the university’s Black Men’s Forum.



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