Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.58.55 PMWhen I watched the Today Show earlier and saw that KFC was offering a chicken corsage, I thought it was a joke. So I didn’t even bother to Google it to confirm its validity.

Boy was I wrong.

For $20, a young man can get his prom date a drumstick – in original, extra crispy, or Kentucky grilled – and a bed of baby’s breath.

Look, I like chicken but not on my wrist atop wilted flowers, greasing up my gown.

But, oddly, the corsages are selling rather quickly. (The first Limited Edition run of 100 is sold out with a second batch now available.)

“We are shipping them all over the place,” says Angie Searcy, general manager of Louisville florist Nanz & Kraft, who is working with KFC on this prom promotion. “The bulk [of orders] are from different cities and states, not actually Kentucky,” she says.

Local orders come with real baby’s breath while out-of-town orders receive the artificial leaves. Purchasers actually receive the flowers plus a $5 gift card to pick up their drumstick en route to the prom.


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