Americans are straight up losing the battle of the bulge. Though Mexico is now “the fattest country in the world,” over a third of all adults (34.9%) in the U.S. are obese. And for Black folks and Latinos, the numbers are even worse.

While many have cycled on and off stringent eating programs and hardcore workouts regimens for years, helping the diet industry become a $60 billion business, the results are the same: Americans are still fat.

There are a ton (no pun intended) of reasons why we still struggle with our weight: food deserts, our over-reliance on processed foods, the cost of healthy eating, emotional eating, unsafe neighborhoods (which means you can’t even walk around safely), the high price of gym memberships, and about a million other things that keep us from living healthier lives.

But one of the biggest impediments to slimming down for good? Fatty foods, like fried chicken and red velvet cupcakes, just taste so damn good.

Don’t believe me? I’ll let Kid Fury explain the struggle to eat right when all the “bad” food you’re craving just tastes sooooo much better.

Take a look:

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