Many of us are simply amazed at how the shower rod didn’t break in Mimi’s staged sex tape. (Yeah, I said staged.) But apparently many are just as eager to test their own acrobatic skills.

Major Retailers Sell Out of 'Mimi Shower Rods'

According to TMZ, major retailers – Home Depot, Lowe’s, Target, and Walmart – from Georgia to California are selling out of super-strong shower rods.

Even a Twitter search for “Mimi shower rod yields a list of people trying to cop one. And then there’s the @MimiShowerRod Twitter account.

Come on, y’all. It ain’t that serious. Just know that porcelain tub is going to hurt when y’all fall and bust your damn heads!

Kandi Burruss even tried to figure out how Mimi was able to pull it off.

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  • EbonyLolita

    Ppl gone die!! That shower rod ain’t the star. The BOLTS into the wall at that HOTEL is the winner. It’s the installation of the rod, not the rod itself. That looks like a damn HOTEL and we know they bolt them into the wall to prevent accidents & lawsuits. If Mimi was smart she’d have gotten an endorsement deal w/Home Depot/Lowes

  • Kenji

    i read where this was fake… im not in that city but apparently a DJ called home depot and lowes in atlanta on air after this happened and assured that there were PLENTY Of shower rods left…

    • ♎Lauren♎

      This story sounds far-fetched to me too. I would hope people aren’t THAT silly.

    • DeCherry Hill

      not fake it is real..TMZ and other stable reporters did a report on it..

  • ALM247

    Is that sign at Home Depot with Mimi’s name on it real? LOL!!!

  • MezniQuee Mattis