The arrest of Donrell Breaux, 26, by a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy in Louisiana was captured on video by Breaux’ friend, Eric Banegas this past Sunday. In the recording, he repeatedly asks the officer why he’s being arrested and tells the officer he’s scared and to not shoot.

But how are you going to barge into someone’s house and arrest a guest without giving a reason, though?

Breaux was eventually booked with battery of a police officer, resisting arrest with violence, disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace.

Breaux says he and Banegas were standing on Banegas’ front porch cracking jokes. The neighbor walked out of his house and warned the pair to watch their language. A verbal confrontation ensued, and the neighbor said he was calling the police.

“He threatens to call the police all the time about stuff in the backyard and stuff going on inside the house. Things like there’s too many cars in the driveway,” Breaux says.

Oh Lawd, one of those neighbors.

But he really did call the police this time.

A deputy arrived about 10 minutes later and spoke with the neighbor. “Then he’s grabbing my hoodie with handcuffs out,” says Breaux. “He said, ‘Let me see some I.D.,’ and grabs my wrist and says, ‘You’re under arrest,’ at the same time.”

Breaux assumed the arrest was unlawful, especially since the deputy and neighbors are supposedly friends.

Breaux says a second officer, whom Breaux has also seen at the neighbor’s house, arrived from the East Jefferson Levee District Police Department.

“These are personal friends,” Breaux says. “I wish I had friends that I could call and have them handle personal vendettas that I have with my neighbors.”


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