Neighbors and family say that James and Danielle Alexander were a loving couple that have been together since junior high school.  26-year-old James and his 23-year-old wife Danielle were the parents of four kids, 7, 5, 4 and 2. But now those kids are without parents and Memphis police think their murders could have something to do with a fight video uploaded to Facebook.

From My Fox Houston:

MPD Major Dennis McNeil said, “Officer went inside the residence and found two persons unresponsive. Memphis Fire Department was contacted. They came in and pronounced both persons deceased.”

Yet, just as quickly as dozens of onlookers began to crowd the street to watch the crime scene, family members of the 26-year-old Alexander and his 23-year-old wife were already attaching a motive to the murders captured on a cell phone video.

“This got to stop. We understand this all probably “retaliation” from an altercation that happened like a week ago. But, it got to stop,” said Babb.

In the video, a pink shirt clad Danielle Alexander is seen fighting with another woman as her husband James and others can be seen yelling at one another as the fighting went on. The wild scene is in sharp contrast with the family and neighbors’ descriptions of a quiet couple deeply devoted to taking care of their children ages 7, 5, 4 and 2. So, much so, they decided to get married just over two months ago.

Danielle Alexander’s mother Dujuna England said, “She was outgoing. Very smart. She pretty much was a good mother to her children.”

 “He loved his kids. One of the better daddies you’ve ever seen and very protective of Danielle,” recalls Babb. 

Neighbors claim that dogs alerted them to a man running out of the yard, but police have no suspects as of yet. The children have been placed with relatives.

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