Have you ever catcalled a man? It’s not every day that you see a woman harassing random dudes on the street, but Leah Green from The Guardian, armed with a hidden camera, decided to see what would happen when she catcalled men on the streets of London.

And the reactions are priceless.

From sheer bewilderment, to comments like “You can’t talk to us like that”, Green’s video shows that men truly don’t know what to do when they’re approached in the similar fashion that women are on the streets.

Green took scenarios that women have submitted to the from Everyday Sexism Project via its site and on Twitter,

It would definitely be interesting to see a similar video done in some of the city areas of the U.S. Hell, maybe this weekend I’ll try to catcall a few men myself, but some men in D.C may actually find it flattering.

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  • SAR

    I’m not sure of what “worked” would actually mean when doing this experiment. What it does show, which means it “worked” for me, is how utterly offensive, ridiculous, silly and downright stupid the catcalling that men do is to us women. Majority of men have said something similar or the same at least once in their lives. They need to know how absurd it is.

  • TheTruth

    If a random woman off the streets started catcalling me, my automatic thought is that she’s trying to set me up to be robbed or something. I’m pretty sure many guys would feel that way because men are not used to getting sexual attention from women.